We create opportunities for the next generation of student-athletes.

Tyler Jaynes

CEO, Founder

Peyton Mabry

President, Co-founder

Keith Miller

Vice President of Compliance

David Beggs

Head Software Engineer

Steve McLean

Director of Business Development

Alex Banister

Social Media Coordinator

Connecting student-athletes with brands for paid collaborations.

Community Empowerment

Influxer facilitates opportunities for student-athletes to positively engage their communities by helping grow local businesses, raising awareness for important causes, and supporting their campus community.

Change The Narrative

Student-athletes work incredibly hard and often make considerable sacrifices in order to succeed—and NIL is a deserved result of all that they bring to their institution and community.

Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Involvement in with NIL provides student-athletes with real-life skills that will serve them long after graduation. We provide resources that help prepare for immediate success during the transition from an athlete to a young-professional.