We create opportunities for the next generation of student-athletes.

Tyler Jaynes

CEO, Founder

Peyton Mabry

Co-founder | President

Keith Miller

Vice President of Compliance

David Beggs

Head Software Engineer

Steve McLean

Director of Business Development

Shawn McKinney

Vice President of Growth

Alex Banister

Social Media Coordinator

Terence Ndime

Full Stack iOS Engineer

Connecting student-athletes with brands for paid collaborations.

Community Empowerment

Influxer facilitates opportunities for student-athletes to engage their communities while helping grow local businesses, raising awareness for important causes, and supporting their campus community.

Change The Narrative

Student-athletes work incredibly hard and make considerable sacrifices in order to succeed—and NIL is a deserved result of all that they bring to their institution and community.

Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Involvement in with NIL provides student-athletes with real-life skills that will serve them long after graduation. We provide resources that help prepare for immediate success during the transition from an athlete to a young-professional.