a brand new way to connect to student-athletes

Student-athletes are the new frontier of marketing strategy. Forward-thinking brands are rushing to secure valuable endorsements, and Influxer is the best tool for success.

why nil marketing?

Student-athletes are inspirational

They represent the grit and determination to succeed in all of us. For that, they are the next wave in influencer marketing sponsorships. Student-Athletes are local celebrities with loyal followings that have an active social media presence. For businesses looking for cost-effective marketing, this is the solution.

NIL is a
historic change

It has vastly expanded opportunities to grow your brand, promote awareness, and increase sales—all while benefiting student-athletes and their communities. By utilizing Influxer, you can ensure that your business is taking advantage of this new opportunity. We provide unrivaled access to student-athletes and our searchable database allows for effective sourcing of opportunities.

Influxer will have your business moving at the speed of a no-huddle offense.







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why influxer for brands?

Unprecedented access to a searchable database of student-athletes actively seeking NIL collaborations.

Influxer accommodates NIL collaborations at every level and of all sizes.

Filter results based on sport, school, location, rates, and social media following to find the perfect student-athlete partner for your specific campaign.

Pay per transaction. Influxer charges a 10% transaction fee only on completed campaigns. Nothing is charged unless there is a successful connection between you and your next marketing promotion.

Foster ongoing relationships with rising stars. Imagine the ROI for partnering with Michael Jordan as a freshman in college.

how to create a campaign

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Download the app and easily create an account. Once signed in, you’ll have immediate access to search and connect directly with our student-athletes.

set goals & deliverables

Standing out isn’t optional. Set your campaign goals and define objectives so we can pair you with your perfect promotional partner.

choose your player

Once your campaign is established, it’s time to find student-athlete partners that fit your criteria and can deliver on your objectives. Search our extensive database to discover the ideal candidates for your campaign.

get deliverables

Once you match with a candidate, you communicate with them directly through the Influxer app. Influxer makes it easy to foster enduring partnerships so you can repeat and grow future campaigns.

measure success

Influxer allows you to track the outcomes of your campaigns seamlessly. You can observe performance metrics for campaigns and individual partnerships with a record of your NIL contracts. ROI is in our DNA.

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