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Recent rule changes have allowed student-athletes to be paid for promotions utilizing their name, image and likeness. Influxer is on the cutting-edge of helping student-athletes take advantage of NIL sponsorship opportunities

The most efficient way to connect student-athletes to brands for paid collaborations. Here’s how it works.

If you’re ready to get in the game, sign up here if you’re a student-athlete and here if you’re a brand partner.

If you’re a student-athlete? To connect to brands who want to pay you for access to your audience. If you're a brand? To connect to a community of talented student-athletes and their audiences.

Influxer processes payments quickly and securely to the account registered in the app. Student-athletes receive payment when a contract is completed and may connect their PayPal or Venmo accounts to access their earnings conveniently.

Student-Athletes receive payment for their NIL collaborations upon posting their deliverables.

Influxer is a free service to student-athletes. Brand partners only pay when they successfully broker a deal with an Influxer student-athlete, a 10% service fee on top of the value of the contract so that the student-athlete can take home their earnings in full.

We’re glad you brought this up. We ensure compliance by monitoring contracts to flag any potential conflicts that might arise. Once the deal is finalized, we send over the approved contracts for both parties to sign.

Since you “asked,” Influxer is the best repository of brands and student-athletes: period. We provide an easy-to-use app to facilitate connection as efficiently as possible, and our team handles the complexities of payment and compliance.

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