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Student-Athletes at every level will be eager to explore the new opportunities made available to them by NIL. Colleges and Universities that embrace this reality will have an opportunity to shape the NIL process and capitalize on the benefits.

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Institutions that adopt NIL best practices can better equip their student-athletes and administrators to engage NIL effectively. The result will be increased exposure for student-athletes, athletic programs, and the school while ensuring compliance, protecting student-athlete eligibility, and safeguarding reputations.

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Our Belief

We firmly believe that NIL is a win for all parties involved and are confident that institutions will have a powerful role in encouraging their student-athletes to empower themselves and their communities through NIL while doing it responsibly.

why influxer for institutions?

Avoid having a star student-athlete become ineligible because their endorsements were not properly vetted. Influxer stays updated on compliance rule changes in order to be an invaluable partner to your institution.

Strengthen ties to the local community by providing small businesses the opportunity to engage in NIL partnerships.

The Influxer app is unique in its focus on providing educational resources to institutions and student-athletes, working collaboratively with them as partners.

Create the conditions for success. Build young professionals by encouraging student-athletes to be successful entrepreneurs and community members (and generous alumni).

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Passionate Advocates

We’re passionate advocates for student-athletes. Influxer exists to expand access to NIL opportunities, and a core part of that mission is education. Bring us to your school to talk with your student-athletes and administrators to help you navigate the exciting new world of NIL safely and responsibly.

Enthusiastic Educators

We’re enthusiastic about education and offer campus visits and workshops to equip student-athletes and administrators with resources and best practices for interacting with the rapidly evolving world of NIL. Contact us to learn more about Influxer or schedule a campus visit.

Topics We Cover

Personal Brand Building and Social Media Engagement
Name, Image and Likeness Education
Building a Business