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Gain access to paid collaboration opportunities on a platform designed for student-athletes, by former student-athletes. Browse campaigns, secure sponsorships, and start making money today. Influxer is free-to-use and student-athletes receive 100% of every contract. Don’t pass on this opportunity.

why influxer for student-athletes?

Receive what you’re worth. Influxer puts you in control of the sponsorships that you accept and only charges the brands (not the student-athletes).

Set your profile and let the brands come to you.

Influxer processes payments, tracks earnings, and stores tax information.

Our platform makes it easy for you to build relationships with businesses in your community. Strengthen your brand, grow your platform, and forge lasting connections through NIL partnerships.

how it works

sign up

Download Influxer from the App Store and make an account to begin your NIL journey. Customize your profile and start browsing campaigns—receive offers from brands that like your style. If you build it, they will come.

apply to campaigns

Once your profile is complete, head to the brand campaigns page to see what’s available. Create a custom pitch, answer some questions, and you’re on your way to your first deal. If they’re already kicking down your door, sit back and let the brands come to you.


If a brand likes your style, they’ll send you a proposal. If you like the offer, you can accept. Unlike agencies or managers, Influxer puts you in the driver’s seat. Simply create and post the content deliverables and leave the rest to us.


Influxer pays you after you complete a deal, so you can focus on content instead of tracking down payment. Influxer processes payments quickly and securely to the account registered in the app. Student-athletes can connect their PayPal or Venmo accounts for convenient access to their earnings.

now, let’s get you paid.

Download the app and start making brand deals today.

Student-Athlete Education

your nil playbook

Influxer exists to expand access to NIL opportunities, and a core part of that mission is education.